Bamboo Flooring Basement

Deciding on the type of flooring to use for your basement can be tough. If you do not take the time to think about your options, you might end up making the wrong choice. There are many types of flooring that can be used for your basement, such as hardwood, ceramic tiles, linoleum, laminate, marble, and bamboo and it can be hard to decide which among these you should go for. But before you decide, keep in mind that the flooring in your home can make a big difference in its appearance and ambiance so it is always a good idea to consider your options carefully.

An Overview of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is one of the recent innovations in the flooring industry. Bamboo, which is often mistaken for a tree, is actually a grass and it grows abundantly in some parts of Asia. Originating from China, this versatile grass can grow as high as ten feet and it is an excellent material to use when it comes to flooring, which is why it is widely used in North America. There are a variety of styles and colors available, and it can even be "painted" to look like hardwood. It has impressive color tones that will be great for any area in the house, including the basement. With its distinctive grains, you will definitely find one that will suit your preferences.

Advantages of Using Bamboo Flooring for Basements

Choosing bamboo flooring basements will definitely give you more value for your money. It comes with several benefits, which are highlighted below:

  • Bamboo flooring is very economical, since it costs less than hardwood and yet it is just as durable and attractive.
  • Bamboo flooring basements can create a homey yet elegant atmosphere that you and your family will surely love.
  • Bamboo flooring is also eco-friendly due to the fact that it can grow and mature in just a few years. In addition, it releases a higher level of oxygen and a larger amount of biomass than its counterparts.
  • Bamboo flooring can be installed in many different types of sub-flooring, so it can be used in just about any type of floor.
  • Bamboo flooring basements are easier to clean and maintain compared to hardwood.

Where to Buy Bamboo Flooring

If you are thinking of having bamboo flooring basements, then it is imperative that you take the time to scout for good quality products. You can find stores that sell nothing but flooring products, but you can also go to hardware shops and home depots, on and off the Internet. If you opt to shop on the Internet due to the convenience that it brings, be wary of the sellers and make sure that you buy only from reputable companies. What's good with shopping online is that you can easily take advantage of bargain deals and discounted prices even for high quality bamboo flooring. You can find great bargains online so taking the time to shop will surely pay off.

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