Bamboo Flooring Prices

Bamboo flooring can beautify any room in the house. Whether you want to evoke a modern, classic, or exotic ambience, this kind of flooring material is the perfect choice. But its advantages go beyond the aesthetics, as bamboo flooring also gives you the benefit of being eco-friendly and economical. Most Canadian suppliers of bamboo flooring offer competitive prices, which makes it all the more attractive for a lot of people looking to build or remodel their home.

Bamboo Flooring Prices Based on the Type of Flooring

Based on the current market, the average Canadian price for bamboo flooring without installation ranges from $2.50 to $6.00 per square foot. However, bamboo flooring prices vary, depending on certain factors. But in general, the type of bamboo flooring that you choose will determine the amount you will be paying for it. The basic type, which refers to unfinished bamboo boards, would cost you roughly $1.50 to $2.00 per square foot. Standard ones, on the other hand, which is the most widely used type of bamboo flooring, cost around $2.50 to $4.00 per square foot. If you want to buy the most luxurious bamboo flooring, however, they are priced no less than $7.00 per square foot and would go as high as $12. These are top-of-the-line hand-scraped floors that will definitely make any room stand out.

Other Factors That Affect Price

Aside from the type of bamboo flooring and the level of craftsmanship involved, there are other things that dictate bamboo flooring prices. These are: the coating used, warranty, and the installation requirements. There are cheap as well as expensive coatings available and while a lot of people may be tempted to go for the cheap ones, it is important to note that they might contain formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. As for warranty, you will find suppliers that offer one or two-year warranties for their products, and you will also find those that give a lifetime warranty. Choosing the second option is good but it also comes with a price. Lastly, bamboo flooring that requires nail-down installation is more expensive than others because it takes longer to complete and is also more tedious.

Quality Considerations

Although you can easily find low prices for bamboo flooring, you need to understand that the price should not be your only deciding factor. You should consider the quality of the product as well so that whatever amount you will spend for your floor will be money well spent. It would be wrong to simply choose a particular bamboo plank because it was sold for half its original price. Scrutinize the wood carefully and do not hesitate to ask around so that you can make a sound decision in your choice of bamboo flooring. Moreover, if you plan to hire installation experts, do your own research first on several bamboo flooring installers that you are considering of hiring. Get a quotation from them and check out their previous projects so you can gauge the quality of their work.

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