Best Bamboo Flooring

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Then perhaps you'd want to replace your old floor with something that has become very popular today—bamboo flooring. With this type of flooring, you would have no problem making your kitchen look warm and beautiful. But the one thing you need to know about bamboo flooring is that not all of them will perform the same. There are highly durable types of bamboo flooring, and there are also those that are weak and will get damaged easily. Many people are dying to know which among the products being marketed today is the best bamboo flooring, and if you want to know the answer, you must take the time to familiarize yourself on the ideal qualities that a bamboo flooring should have.


There are generally two types of bamboo flooring, natural and carbonized. If you are looking for a very strong bamboo flooring, then the best choice would be the natural type. This is because natural bamboo flooring goes through minimal heating during its production, compared to carbonized bamboo. The difference in strength between the two is approximately 30%. However, if you are looking for beautiful bamboo colors, then the best bamboo flooring for you would be the carbonized type. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you use this only in areas that have low traffic since carbonized bamboo flooring is not as reliable as the natural one.

Quality and Consistency

It is necessary to have confidence in the product that you choose, in terms of its quality and consistency. Surely, you would want to purchase bamboo flooring that is hardwearing and one that will not be easily damaged. It should be able to withstand just as much impact and abuse as hardwood. Additionally, it would be advisable to purchase a product that has the greatest consistency, as this will add to its aesthetic value. Perhaps the best bamboo flooring in this category is the strand woven type, which is made by compressing bamboo strips under extreme pressure. The strand-woven type is a rich-colored bamboo flooring that has an impressive Janka scale of 3,000 making it suitable for use in high traffic areas.

Other Factors to Consider

Although there are varying opinions regarding the best bamboo flooring, you should realize that there are standards that must be met in order for a particular product to be worthy of every dollar you spend for it. Factors such as coating and finishing, cost, and even the warranty all contribute to how good the product is. If you want to find the best bamboo flooring, you must see to it that it uses only superior coating and good quality finishing. For costs, the price must be commensurate to the level of quality of the product. Hand-scraped bamboo flooring is more expensive than others but they are also the most beautiful and most artistically designed. And lastly, the best bamboo flooring is one that has a lifetime warranty so that anytime you have a problem with your floor, you can ask its manufacturer to help you.

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