Canadian Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo was first used as a material for home construction in the regions of Asia. As newer innovations developed, the usefulness of bamboo is no longer limited to traditional purposes but has become enhanced to a more novel breakthrough. Aside from being the primary material for various bamboo products, the quality of bamboo has expanded to innovative flooring options. The latest introduction of bamboo flooring technology has extended to the Western countries. Canada is one of those that popularly use bamboo flooring and continually patronize bamboo as a flooring option. The products of Canadian bamboo flooring are generally and practically the same as those of the other places in the world. Being a Westernized country, the more sophisticated options are showcased in the Canadian market for bamboo flooring.

Various Bamboo Flooring Choices

Canadian bamboo flooring can vary from the solid, premium bamboo materials to the engineered bamboo flooring. Solid bamboo refers to the use of 100% bamboo material from a 5 to 6 year old bamboo plant. The final product has similar characteristics to hardwoods. On the other hand, engineered bamboo pertains to a breakthrough combination of authentic bamboo and wood material with a preferred floated installation. One of the reasons why residential and commercial buildings have bamboo floors is that they are supporting the advocacy of manufacturers for environment-friendly products. It is no wonder that Canadian bamboo flooring is widely popular in many regions in the country.

Canadian Bamboo Flooring Builders

With an increasingly popular market for Canadian bamboo flooring, many manufacturers are now engaging into the enhancement of their bamboo flooring products. A few of these known suppliers in the country are the following:

  • Bamboo Direct Building Products Ltd.
    The supplier provides affordable savings on factory-direct purchases of premium bamboo floorings. They offer top-quality and guaranteed durability on their premium bamboo flooring.
  • Green Leaf Bamboo
    This bamboo product manufacturer is currently one of the biggest in China and is also a popular choice of the Canadian market for the best bamboo fibers for flooring purposes. Green Leaf boasts of Grade "A" bamboo quality with uniformity in color and solid, premium bamboo structure. Its bamboo floorings highlights UV cured Treffert coatings in 7 layers of finishing.
  • Creative Flooring Solutions
    Whether for residential or commercial flooring needs, this manufacturer can cater to all your flooring requirements. They offer Teragren bamboo flooring and other bamboo flooring options.

If you are a Canadian resident with an interest in using bamboo flooring, there is a whole wide range of Canadian bamboo flooring suppliers and manufacturers to choose from. Most of these companies have online websites for quick access to facts and product information. Their sites also offer price quotation addressing your pricing needs on your bamboo flooring preference. The advantage of getting price quotations from several suppliers is to determine the one that offers the most affordable products that are of very good quality. In general, bamboo flooring is an affordable option to hardwood flooring but having almost the same or even better features and characteristics.

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