Features Of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has become one of the most popular and renewable materials for home flooring, and although it was originally used only in Asia, it is now being used extensively throughout the US and Canada as well. for those who are interested in installing a new bamboo floor in their homes it can be helpful to learn more about the many features of bamboo flooring. There is little doubt that this material is one of the best for use in home floors, due to its bio-availability, easy installation, resistant mold, and attractive features.

The benefits of bamboo flooring

One of the primary attractive features of bamboo flooring is that it is very durable, even though bamboo is not even considered to be a hardwood. Bamboo shoots grow to full maturity in around 5 years, but they reach their full length in as little as 2 months. This means that there is a considerable amount of bamboo available for harvesting all year around and it is very easy to replace diminished bamboo resources in a short amount of time. All this translates to a more environmentally friendly product that turns out to be less expensive than hardwoods once it reaches the homes of customers.

Some important features of bamboo flooring include:

  • High resistance. Bamboo flooring is typically coated with a layer of UV-treated urethane that shields the bamboo from damages that could be incurred due to water spills or accidental fires. The bamboo itself is thoroughly dried and has very low moisture content. Bamboo flooring that is not treated with boric acid to darken it has a hardness rating superior to oak, while carbonized bamboo is still durable enough to serve in home flooring.
  • Easy installation. Bamboo floors are made with floor boards of bamboo stems stripped and flattened together with glue. Bamboo flooring often has a similar design to particleboard and there are both vertical and horizontal grains available.
  • A wide range of manufacturers. There are many companies throughout Canada that offer bamboo flooring, and each company can be expected to provide its own style in the way these floors were processed. This means that there are plenty of choices in attractive bamboo flooring for you as the customer.

How to maintain your bamboo flooring properly

While bamboo flooring might be a great choice for home flooring, this does not mean that you will not need to consider maintenance thoughtfully. Bamboo floors are quite resistant to damage, but they do tend to scratch and stain easily. Try to avoid placing hard objects or pointy furniture on your bamboo floors, and remember not to wear any shoes with spiky points when walking on your bamboo floors. When it comes to keeping your bamboo flooring clean, use a cloth with hot water and wash your floors gently. It is typically not recommended to use strong detergents and chemical cleanser with your bamboo flooring because there is the chance that these products could leave difficult-to-remove stains or otherwise compromise the material quality of your bamboo flooring.

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