Floating Bamboo Flooring

A lot of people have turned to floating bamboo flooring because it is easier to install and can even be done without the need of hiring an expert to do the job. This type of flooring has the same qualities as other types of bamboo flooring, and the only obvious difference is that it is much easier to set up. As you probably know, bamboo has become a widely used flooring material nowadays because it can give a certain character to a room just like hardwood, and yet it does not cost as much, nor is it considered hazardous to the environment.

Why You Should Opt for Floating Bamboo Flooring

There are three main reasons that make floating bamboo flooring the best choice. First of all, it comes with many elegant and stylish designs for you to choose from. If you are looking to maximize the visual appeal of your house, you can definitely do so when you use floating bamboo. Another reason would be practicality. The use of floating bamboo floors will require very little maintenance and yet it can survive many years. And as mentioned earlier, the floating type will not require a professional to install it, which means you can save money on installation costs if you do it yourself. Lastly, majority of floating bamboo products follow industry standards, ensuring that you get nothing but high quality flooring that will meet and even exceed your expectations.

Floating Bamboo Flooring Installation Guide

The steps involved in installing floating bamboo flooring may seem complicated at first but it will become easier as you go along. The very first thing you need to do is to measure the room so that you would know how many boards or planks you would need. When buying these materials, buy some extra just in case some planks will get damaged during and after installation. Next, cover the floor with a moisture barrier, and fasten it using a floor stapler. Then, start laying the planks in the longest wall, leaving about a fourth of an inch of space from the wall, in case your bamboo planks would expand. Connect the first row of planks to the second row, with the use of the tongue and groove connectors. Snap them together and make sure they are secured in place. Use the same steps repeatedly until you reach the farther end of the wall.

Where to Buy Floating Bamboo Flooring

With the rising popularity of bamboo flooring, it is easy to find a supplier both online and offline. You can purchase floating bamboo flooring at Home Depot; they have an online website where you can shop conveniently. This type of flooring is also available in most wood suppliers such as Silkroad in Toronto and GreenWorks in Vancouver. If you need an expert to help you with the installation process, there are many of them in your locality. Hardwood Expert, for example, can cover residential and commercial installation services within Toronto. You can call them for a quote or you can also visit their showrooms to check their handiwork.

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