Teragren Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo has become a great alternative to traditional hardwoods when it comes to high quality wooden flooring. Manufacturers have developed different types of bamboo flooring with various specialties to cater to the flooring needs of homes and offices. One of the innovations in bamboo flooring is the Teragren bamboo flooring, which is specifically used for commercial purposes.

Environmentally Safe Standards

This is probably where Teragren bamboo flooring differs from other types of materials for flooring. It passed LEED certification for rapidly renewable materials. Moreover, what makes Teragren bamboo flooring great is that it is FloorScore certified. This simply means that every single manufactured Teragren bamboo floor is thoroughly tested and checked for 78 VOCs (volatile organic compounds). FloorScore guarantees the quality of indoor air for large commercial buildings such as schools and offices. Teragren bamboo flooring and its related products are laminated and the use of urea-formaldehyde adhesives on these materials allows only an emission of 0.03 ppm or even less.

Enhanced Durability and Finishing

Teragren uses Moso bamboo stalks, which are known to be the best quality bamboo in the market these days. Moso bamboo plant, specifically Optimum 5.5 Moso bamboo, can grow and mature in only 5 or 6 years and then harvested for use in stellar flooring. The durability of a Teragren bamboo is guaranteed with the hardness and sturdiness of about 25% more than a traditional red oak and 12% sturdier than a North American maple. For Teragren bamboo flooring, quality finish is just as essential as any other wooden floors for a lasting value. The final touches of making the Teragren bamboo flooring is wrapped up by a durable 7-coat German finish using water-based, solvent-free mixture plus a content of aluminum oxide for abrasion resistance as well as polyurethane topcoats for better protection. The said finish has a commercial warranty of 25 years or 10 years on heavy use.

Other Information on Teragren Bamboo Flooring

Apart from its durability and great quality, Teragren bamboo flooring also comes in truly enhanced sense of style, color, and design. Planks are made longer and wider, colors are available in a wide variety, and aesthetic appearance is enhanced. Teragren bamboo flooring varies depending on its unique qualities and standards, yet all of these floorings have a high level of durability. These Teragren flooring options are intended to allow a wide array of choices for your specific commercial needs.

  • Teragren Portfolio Floating Floor
    Strand bamboo flooring with Xcora technology and has 10 designer colors.
  • Teragren Synergy
    It is solid-strip bamboo flooring with Xcora technology.
  • Teragren Floating Floor
    This is wide-plank bamboo flooring with Xcora technology.
  • Teragren Craftsman II
    It is characterized by long-plank bamboo flooring.
  • Teragren Studio
    It is a wide-plank Teragren bamboo flooring.
  • Teragren Signature Naturals
    This is solid-strip bamboo flooring.
  • Teragren Signature Colors
    The bamboo floorings are solid-strip with availability in stain colors.
  • Teragren Elements
    These solid-strip bamboo floors have a cut of 3" for their length.
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