Where Is Bamboo Flooring Used

While there are a variety of options available for hardwood flooring, bamboo is becoming more and more popular throughout the Western world. Bamboo is one of the more environmentally friendly options for home flooring because it is very easy to grow bamboo and quickly renew plants that have been used for flooring and furniture. Bamboo has been used in the construction of homes and shelters in China for thousands of years, but only until recent times has it been used in Western architecture. It is a very durable material for flooring, and even harder than many other types of wood commonly used in floor design.

What bamboo flooring looks like

Bamboo flooring looks very similar to other types of hardwood floors. While it only has one basic natural shade, there are a number of processing methods that can be used to darken the wood or add a tinge of color to it. Additionally, there many different coats and varnishes that can be applied to the surface of the bamboo floor to make it look well polished and shiny. Bamboo floors are generally very attractive, and will help to establish a natural look in your home with perhaps a slight hint of oriental design.

Finding the right bamboo flooring manufacturer

Those who are unfamiliar with bamboo flooring are likely interested in learning about how to find the best bamboo flooring manufacturers. In Canada it is possible to either purchase your bamboo floors directly from an in-country manufacturer or import from the US. Many people will find the former option to be easier, and there are several Canadian bamboo flooring companies available to choose from, including Dansk Hardwood, K&M Silkroad, and Greenleaf Bamboo. You can also find numerous retailers that sell bamboo flooring from a wide range of manufacturers both located within Canada and other countries.

Maintaining your bamboo flooring

It is advisable to make an effort to keep your floors well maintained in order to prevent them from suffering eventual damage and material decay. Bamboo floors can be very susceptible to scratching and staining, both of which are often quite difficult to remove from any type of hardwood floor. Some options to minimize the chance of scratches developing over the surface of your bamboo floor would be to have several rugs installed to keep dirt and debris from finding their way onto the bamboo floor's surface, while avoiding the use of shoes within the interior of your home as well.

It will also be necessary to replace the varnish coat applied to the surface of your bamboo floor every 2 to 3 years, as it will likely wear down within that time. Keeping your bamboo floor clean is easy if you use a damp cloth with warm water, but it is recommended not to use strong commercial cleansers and detergents as these could damage the surface of your bamboo floor. If you do your best to take good care of your bamboo flooring, it will serve you well for many years without requiring any repairs or replacements.

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