Where To Buy Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a fairly popular flooring material that finds its way into Western markets through direct or indirect imports from mainland China. Bamboo is quite easy to obtain because harvests are easily replaceable due to quick plant growth, making bamboo one of the most renewable natural materials for hardwood flooring currently available. Of the broad range of manufacturers that design and produce bamboo flooring throughout North America, there are several located in Canada that might be of interest to you.

Picking the right bamboo flooring manufacturer

Popular Canadian bamboo flooring companies include Dansk Hardwood, K&M Silkroad, and Greenleaf Bamboo. Picking out the right bamboo flooring manufacturer can take some time, especially when you are looking into a much broader range of potential providers. Some things to keep in mind are the overall hardness of the bamboo floor as well as the processing methods that were used in the design of the bamboo floorboards. Try to stay away from manufacturers that use too much formaldehyde or other potentially dangerous products in bamboo floor processing. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell when a manufacturer is using "green" methods or not, so pay close attention to detail and always read the fine print.

Online bamboo flooring retailers

If you would rather look into one major retailer instead of searching across multiple bamboo flooring brands, there are numerous large distributors in Canada. Shopping online for bamboo flooring is another option, and many homeowners actually prefer to shop online for bamboo flooring because it is easier to find a large selection of different grains and textures all in the same place. However, it is always advisable to spend some extra time researching the different retailers out there to find the best prices for bamboo flooring. Some retailers will sell bamboo flooring exclusively while others offer a broader selection of different flooring materials including granite, marble, concrete, and other types of hardwood.

A quick guide to bamboo flooring maintenance

  • Before you do head out in search of bamboo flooring manufacturers, it might be helpful to learn about how to properly maintain your floors. Although bamboo flooring is very resistant to damage because of the good finish it usually receives, there are some things that you will still have to do to ensure proper care. Bamboo flooring that is well tended to will last for a considerable amount of time looking well polished, shiny, and in all around good condition.
  • Harder bamboo floors are typically the superior choice if you are looking for heightened durability. Bamboo flooring that is darkened through a process of carbonization will be a little softer than bamboo that remains in its original state.
  • Shoes and furniture dragging over the surface of your bamboo flooring can quickly lead to permanent scratches and stains. Avoid this by placing rugs in different parts of the floor and always keeping your furniture elevated above floor level whenever moving it. You can also avoid dirt accumulation by having a no-shoes policy in your home.
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